Fellow BNI Members,

Hoping that you and your families are well!

As you all know, our  healthcare professionals are on the “front lines” of this battle. Robert Wood Johnson Somerset is the only hospital in Somerset County and it is under siege!

Many of you have been able to help by donating personal protective equipment. There is another way we can help every day.

Our healthcare workers are working long shifts and concerned about returning to/contaminating their families, They, like all of us need food. We can support them by providing meals to help sustain their efforts. George Jonkoski, Dietary Director at RWJ Somerset, has provided this guidance:

We are asking that folks who would like to donate food make arrangements with local restaurants to have meals delivered In increments of 25 meals so we can feed 1 entire unit at a time. The meals can be from any restaurant or caterer of your choice, individual meals like sandwiches, pizza, burritos, etc..rather than large pans of food  would be best. We are accepting meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and any day of the week.

We have set up a PayPal link for donations and will coordinate meal purchases in the name of BNI. Please be generous!